Conference Program 2013

Conference Proceedings

  1. Pre-conference Board Meetings 1 and 2 Minutes
  2. Opening Session
  3. Business Meeting
  4. September 24 Lunch Meeting: Nominations from the Floor

Conference Site Information and Culture

  1. Insider’s Guide to ACCTA
  2. Full Program Descriptions
  3. Frequently Used Acronyms

 Continuing Education (CE) Programs

  1. CE Descriptions
  2. Keynote: Training Director's Roles in Addressing the Internship Crisis, 2013, Kaslow & Keilin
  3. Passages Through ACCTA: Stages of Training Director Development Program Handout
  4. Resources for Developing Internship Programs: Conception to Accreditation
    Kathlyn Dailey, Ph.D.
  5. Implications of the Internship Crisis:  What do our Ethical Principles Tell Us? 09-24-2013, A. Glade Ellingson, Ph.D.
  6. (Still) Guarding The Gate: How to Effectively Create & Utilize a Remediation Plan, Christina Carroll-Pavia, Ph.D., Brigid Cahill, Ph.D., Frances Diaz, Psy.D., Jenny Lybeck-Brown, Ph.D.
  7. How do You say "Rafting" in Spanish? The Challenges of Language Mismatches in Supervisory Dyads, Valerie Minchala, Ph.D.
  8. What Do I Do, When, and How? The Multiple and Varied Tasks of Directing an Internship Program:  Resources and Strategies for New Training Directors, Sarah K. Armstrong, Psy.D

APA Program

  1. APA Self-Study & Site Visitors Workshop Information