*These projects/committees are board-coordinated.


Archives and History

Matt Zimmerman


Awards and Acknowledgement*

Katie Werner

Charisse Williams


Care & Compassion

Di Sobel



Bethany Riddle


Conference Program*

Belinda Hinojos

Cecilia Sun

Mark Taracuk

Charisse Williams


Conference Site Planning*

Terri Rhodes

Mark Taracuk

Charisse Williams

Conference hosts


Conference Sponsorship

Mark Sampson

Katie Werner


Continuing Education*

Jay Manalo

GiGi Giordano


Jay Zimmerman Diversity Mentorship Scholarship Program

(must be members of SCD; arranged through SCD Chairs)

Andrew Katz and Dwaine Campbell


Job Bank

Michele Willingham


Listserv Manager

Mollie Herman



Megan Guinn

Mark Taracuk


New Member Programs*

Pre-Conference Planner (Conference Connectors/New Member Orientation/Pre-Conference Programs)

Mark Sampson

Jason Hindman


ACCTA Mentors/ Returning Member Welcome Back Conference Orientation

GiGi Giordano

Jorge Marquez


New Members/Accreditation

Di Sobel

Debra Crisp


Special Events Coordinator*

Jason Hindman

GiGi Giordano


Standing Committee on Bylaws, Chair *

Michael Rogers

Carmen Cruz (Board Liaison)

The Standing Committee on Bylaws is charged with maintaining the Bylaws of the Association. This includes being consultant when questions of policy and procedure are called, developing and amending bylaws, bringing proposed changes to the Board for discussion, and bringing proposed changes to Membership for discussion and voting.


Standing Committee on Diversity (SCD)

Aki Hosoi & Lilia Miramontes(Co-Chairs)

Belinda Hinojos & Tanya Brown (Board Liaisons)

The Standing Committee on Diversity (SCD) promotes cultural diversity, multiculturalism, social justice, and advocacy issues within ACCTA, and works to ensure that such issues remain in the consciousness of the organization. In support of this mission and consistent with the values of ACCTA, the SCD is involved in several initiatives and activities during the year. In particular, the SCD makes recommendations to the Membership and the ACCTA Board about ways in which ACCTA can be more welcoming and inclusive to members of underrepresented groups. The SCD serves as consultant to the Board on issues related to diversity, multiculturalism, social justice, and advocacy. The SCD also strives to promote the professional development of our membership, through the coordination of the culture sharing program, and by ensuring that there are diversity-related presentations on the annual conference program. The SCD oversees the Diversity Scholars program, and presents a nomination slate for the annual Board elections. Once a year, the SCD meets at the ACCTA conference, and communicates throughout the year on the SCD listserv.


Standing Committee on Nominations*

Cecilia Sun, Voting Coordinator Support

The Standing Committee on Nominations is charged with soliciting nominations from the ACCTA Membership for Board and Executive Board positions, being as inclusive as possible, and particularly taking into consideration the preamble to the bylaws by encouraging diversity in all of its forms. The committee will email the ACCTA listserv prior to electronic voting to solicit nominations, and will also talk with members during the conference to ensure an adequate number and diversity of nominations.


Standing Committee on Research

Annatolee King

The Standing Committee on Research is charged with developing, conducting and presenting scholarly work that facilitates quality training in university settings. Research projects may be requested by the ACCTA Board, other ACCTA members, or initiated within the Standing Committee on Research. The Committee is also responsible for conducting the annual ACCTA survey.


Standing Committee on Training Resources

Diane Stoebner-May, Chair & Listserv Coordinator

The Standing Committee on Training Resources is charged with gathering and organizing training resources utilized by internship programs and making them available to the Membership. The Committee will solicit ideas, forms, policies and/or procedures via the ACCTA listserv and will have them posted to the ACCTA web site in an easily accessible format. Links to additional training resources outside of ACCTA will also be included.


Website Content Manager

Jay Manalo

Jorge Marquez



Liaison Reports

Laura Wright



Laura Wright