How to Become an ACCTA Member

Description of Organization (preamble to bylaws):

The Association of Counseling Center Training Agencies (ACCTA) is dedicated to promoting excellence in doctoral psychology internship training within university and college counseling centers. Fundamental to our values is appreciation of and support for diversity and the enrichment an inclusive multicultural community brings to the organization and to training generally. As an organization we dedicate ourselves to attending to the impact of oppression and privilege and are committed to addressing these issues within the organization, the training community and beyond.

Membership Benefits:

  • ACCTA connects training programs to national issues related to training, accreditation and other important issues.

  • Access to the extensive Training Resources of the website, containing examples of policies, procedures, forms, and evaluations used throughout the training year. Many of these resources can also be very helpful when seeking accreditation.

  • Ability to attend the Annual Conference where members and guests present on training-specific topics and learn state of the art techniques for improving their training programs. Also, the annual conference brings together representatives from other professional organizations in psychology to inform the membership on current trends in the field.

  • Ability to participate in the ACCTA listserv which provides immediate feedback on training questions/issues. This is a very active, resource-rich listserv where ACCTA members exchange ideas, share resources, and receive updates on national training trends.

  • Diversity Mentorship Scholarship Program: As an ACCTA member, you can nominate a colleague who holds a diverse identity and has an interest in being a training director to be an ACCTA Diversity Scholar. Diversity Scholars present at the annual conference, and many have gone on to be training directors and ACCTA members.

  • Mentor Program:  As an ACCTA member, you can choose to be assigned a mentor within ACCTA to help with ideas on structuring or refining your training program. You can also choose to participate as a mentor to other training directors.

  • Support in your Role: No organization better understands the challenges and needs faced by counseling center training directors than ACCTA. Our membership is highly engaged and strives to provide support to one another while helping one another to maintain a high quality of training.

Qualifications for Membership:

Training Agencies are defined as organizations providing a one year full-time or two year half-time doctoral training experience in a university or college counseling center for trainees completing the internship requirement for their doctoral degrees in professional psychology. Counseling center training agencies which are members of a consortium are also eligible for membership.

The membership shall be composed of university and college counseling center doctoral psychology internship training agencies. Counseling Centers, which are in the active process of developing a doctoral internship program, may also become members. The agency shall be represented by the person responsible for the internship training program or the program's representative. One representative from each Agency attends the annual ACCTA Conference except in a year of transition when the out-going and in-coming Directors may attend. Only one member may vote on behalf of the Agency membership.


Annual membership is based on a calendar year, October 1st through September 30th. Current annual dues are $450.  When applying for ACCTA Membership online, you will be given an option at the end of the process to pay by either credit card or a check, the payment instructions will be included in the emailed receipt.  If you send a check and need a formal invoice, please contact Debra Nolan and an invoice will be created and sent to the finance department fo you designate.  There is no "create an invoice" option, it is either send check or pay by credit card.


ACCTA sends out renewal notices for our continuing members in August for the following years membership dues payment. This payment will cover your institution's membership from October 1, 20xx - September 30, 20xx. We want you to be aware that some members get confused by this notice. This notice is for the FOLLOWING dues year versus the current dues year.



All new membership programs that wish to join ACCTA in July 20xx, August 20xx or September 20xx will be paying for the following Dues Year (October 1, 20xx - September 30, 20xx). Therefore, these programs will get three months (July, August and September) of their ACCTA membership for free.


You should fill out the Membership Application on-line. Once the application is submitted, our Membership team will review your application to ensure that your application meets our membership requirements. Please select the “Pay later” option on the application. For applications where criteria has been met, we will provide information to you regarding membership payment (if your membership application does not meet criteria, we will contact you and explain the qualifications that haven't been met). After your membership payment is processed, you will be notified that your membership account has been activated and you will be able to access member resources.

Contact Information:

For information about Membership, please contact the Membership Co-chairs Megan Guinn and Mark Taracuk.

For information regarding the ACCTA listserv and requests to subscribe, please contact Michael BottiniOnly ACCTA Members can subscribe to the listserv.