Frequently Asked Questions for New Training Directors Regarding the Conference

Are families and partners welcome at the conference?

Families and friends are welcome at the conference, and each year we are happy to have the chance to meet a number of partners, kids, friends, siblings, etc. of ACCTA members. Do bear in mind, however, that the conference agenda is a very active one, including presentations, meetings, continuing education, opportunities to socialize in formal and informal ways, and so on. You may find that you are feeling pulled sometimes by conflicting demands when "family" (of whatever definition) joins you. We do encourage you to find your own personal balance of learning, sharing, growing, and connecting with ACCTA and with "family".

What style of dress is appropriate?

This is a very informal conference, and you will find that most people attend dressed in T shirts, jeans or shorts, and running shoes. Bring clothes that make you feel good and allow you to be comfortable. There is opportunity for outside or inside physical activity for those so inclined, so bring appropriate clothes for your favorite activity

Can I earn Continuing Education credit at the conference?

Absolutely. If you decide to attend every CE activity, you can typically earn about 10-12 CE credits during each conference. See the official schedule for exact offerings this year. One special event of great importance each year is the presentation of seminars by our two Diversity Mentorship Scholars. Nominated by ACCTA members, Diversity Mentorship Scholars are (hopefully) future Training Directors who offer special skills and commitment to the area of diversity training and action. Each guest Scholar offers a program to membership, and these presentations are always valued and important parts of the learning/sharing activities of the conference. Be sure not to miss them!

Do people ever "miss" a session to play?

Sure. Each of us comes to the conference for a range of reasons, and one quite valid one is to refresh, replenish, find our own inner and outer harmony--and that may mean doing something instead of a presentation or meeting. Of course, you NEVER want to miss our fantastic business meetings.

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